Query & Support Service

Providing access to more than 40 years of experience and expertise in pharmaceutical market access and management accross industry, consultancy, and healthcare systems
  • Our services are fully flexible and tailorable to any situation.
    They can be commissioned bytime (hour, day), by project, or as a Query and Support Service.

    This is where a series of credits are purchased which can be allocated between projects however the client wishes.
  • Contracts with TealeHealth usually fall into two categories: 

    1. Costs that can be allocated to a project
    2. Projects that cannot be charged by the partner to the end client

Type 1
Work where the cost can be allocated to a specific project

and thus passed through with markup to a specific end client.

In this situation, TealeHealth is essentially a chargeable freelance resource.
Type 2
Work where the cost cannot directly charged to the end client.

Examples might include:

• Support to Business Development (BD) including outreach, meetings, and presentations.

• Support to solution generation and proposal development following receipt of RFPs / Briefs.

• Acting as a sounding board for ideas (construction and destruction), with internal or external focus.

• Turnkey Services:
o  Provision of in-house training at all levels –
o  Interim Services to cover resource gaps eg. illness, or time between resignation of senior staff and recruitment & onboarding of replacement.
o  Conference Support
o  Thought Leadership

Many of the type 2 activities can be unexpected and opportunistic requiring fast turnaround (eg. the sudden arrival of an RfP, or the opportunity to meet with a client seeking specific expertise and experience).

These can often be difficult to plan for and budget in advance.
For type 2 work we offer a Query and Support Service with several flexible and innovative purchasing and payment options that can be tailored to individual needs and situation of the client.

“We’ve relied on them on several occasions where client discretion was of the utmost importance”
Joe Thompson — IP Client
“We wouldn't feel comfortable trusting anyone else to represent our company in legal matters”
Helen McNaught — Patent Law Client
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